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If you are getting serious about owning a Gaz 66 you have some choices:

1.  Wait for one to come up for sale in the UK - It will probably be road registered and be in regular use so most of the problems should be sorted out. 

2.  Contact a trader that brings in vehicles from the Eastern block - There are a few of them in the UK:

Tanksforsale.co.uk - Duncan Nicholson in the North West (Leyland) - Link
Russiantruck.com - Richard Moore in Cambridgeshire. - Link

3.  Travel abroad, buy one and bring it back. Gaz 66s are available for sale in the Czech Republic, the Ukraine, Germany, Finland, Poland and plenty of other eastern block countries from dealers and private sales.

If you want advice about dealing with these companies or other elements of purchasing then join up on the Russian Truck forum and you will get some good quality advice from owners at www. russianmilitarytrucks.com.

A few things to think about when buying a Gaz 66: